If it is determined that your tank or fuel is contaminated we will begin the cleaning process......


diesel tank cleaning sludgeTANK CLEANING

Bacteria thrive within the water and oxygen interface. As water is heavier than diesel, this results in sludge built up in the bottom of the tank.

This “sludge” can contaminate the diesel, therefor highlighting the need for scheduled periodic maintenance and cleaning.

DTTA can provide cost effective inspection and cleaning options in order to maintain the highest possible diesel quality and reduce generator plant maintenance costs.




dirty diesel clean diesel fuelFUEL CLEANING

Diesel fuel when having been in storage for anything over circa two and a half years, holds the increasing possibility of contamination.

Common causes of contamination in diesel can be water, fungal and bacteria.

Many problems affiliated with diesel fuel systems often come from contaminated diesel.

DTTA offers unique fuel cleaning solutions and cost effective options for long term stored diesel management.