Diesel Fuel Testing & Cleaning


Modern more complex diesel fuels with advanced enhancement additives and the demands of that diesel fuel to meet the increasing standards of the modern High pressure diesel engine, diesel fuel cleanness is now critically important. Storage of the diesel has not been more serious.

Diesel fuel will begin to degrade from the time it has left the refinery, coupled with the transport of your diesel fuel it to your site and finally ending in your bulk storage tank.  Storage management and cleaning every 5 years as well as regular diesel tank and fuel maintenance is increasingly important to maintain diesel performance.

Diesel Fuel Testing

Diesel fuel when having been in storage for an extended period of time, holds the increasing possibility of contamination.

Common causes of contamination in diesel can be water, fungal and bacteria.

Even if a tank is properly sealed and there are no leaks, a tank will generally have a small amount of water build-up in the tank because of condensation.

Bacteria thrive within the water and oxygen interface, this results in “sludge” built up in the bottom of a tank.

This “sludge” can contaminate the diesel, causing the diesel to damage your equipment, therefore highlighting the need cleaning.

Many problems affiliated with diesel fuel systems often come from contaminated diesel.

DTTA offers unique fuel cleaning solutions and cost effective options for long term stored diesel management.

Fuel Samples

Upon any tank integrity test a fuel sample will be taken for testing.

A simple scheduled 3 test will show water, fungal and bacterial contamination, moisture content and clarity. A comprehensive scheduled 3 can confirm the complete quality of the diesel. This will then indicate if it requires further attention.

Upon receiving your Tank Integrity Certificate you will also be provided with the complete breakdown on all fuel results taken from the fuel samples.

Water Test Kit

Diesel Tank Testing's Water Finding Paste is used to test for the presence of water in the bottom of your Diesel Fuel tank. It provides you with an easy way to test for water in your tank but does not subsitute for regular more indepth fuel and tank integrity testing.

Get your FREE Diesel Tank Water Testing Kit.

Diesel Fuel Cleaning

Diesel tank testing Australia DTTA has diesel fuel cleaning capability’s from 2,000 (Litres per Hours) to 60,000 LPh, combined with the skills to inspect, maintain and clean your bulk storage facility.

Kidney loop filtering is cost affective and convenient but your bulk tank / day tank is still dirty! A total removal of your diesel to a temporary storage tank, and having your bulk tank inspection and cleaning. Returning you diesel fuel via a 100% filtration process is the most effective action required, resulting in a ten year inspection certificate together with the full lab results certifying your diesel cleanness.